Earshot Wins A Judge’s Award At The 2012 Indianapolis ADDY Awards

Earshot Audio-Post struck gold at the 2012 ADDY Awards in Indianapolis. The promotional video for Kenra Professional, entitled “Dry Less, Live More” was produced by Road Pictures for The Momentum Group and was entered by Earshot in the category of ‘Elements Of Advertising/Sound Design.’ Set against beautiful cinematography by Road Pictures, the sound design was a critical element in the overall creativity of this piece. Composer Troye Kinnett developed the percussive-driven music composition that married perfectly with the essence of the visuals, while Earshot engineer Brice Bowman crafted the sound design by creating an extensive library of original sound effects recorded in Earshot’s Studio B. Together, the fusion of these two elements combined for the perfect soundtrack. The ADDY judges agreed, bestowing the prestigious Judge’s Award in addition to the Gold ADDY.

The piece will be automatically entered into ADDY Regional Competition – which begins March 15th! We’ll be sure to keep you posted on its progress.

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