Earshot Scores “The Walking Dead” TV Spot For The Hoosier Lottery

MSK Advertising recently produced a new TV commercial for the Hoosier Lottery to promote their latest scratch-off ticket based on the hit television series “The Walking Dead,” which airs on AMC. Producer Claire Libbing reached out to Earshot for sound design and audio post.

One of the key elements for this spot was the music score, which needed to be in the spirit of the music from AMC’s “The Walking Dead” television series. The first thought was to scan Earshot’s massive music library, but we figured that finding an appropriate music option would be difficult. That’s where Earshot’s Mina Keohane stepped-in. You might know Mina as Earshot’s studio manager, but in addition she’s a very talented musician and composer. Coincidentally, one of Mina’s favorite television shows is “The Walking Dead,” so she was able to lock-in on the theme quickly, and created a haunting score that captured the essence of the show’s theme perfectly.

Check out the spot to hear Mina’s incredible score, as well as the final sound design and audio mix by Earshot’s Brice Bowman. Custom zombie grunts and moans were performed by Earshot’s resident zombie, Ben Ericsen. Special thanks to Peter Kim, Karen Chakiry, and the gang at MSK Advertising in Indianapolis for the opportunity to assist with this project!

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