Source Connect – The ISDN Alternative

Earshot has always been able to connect to any studio in the world for real-time voiceover sessions via ISDN audio codecs, but we now have an alternative to ISDN. It’s called Source Connect – a software-based audio codec that performs the same services as ISDN codecs and runs via Internet protocol.

If you’re asking yourself, “If ISDN works, why offer Source Connect?” For starters, ISDN is actually an old technology, albeit a very stable one, and data transmission rates are very slow compared to the speeds we’re used to with our home and business Internet connections. Back in the days of dial-up Internet connections, those who wanted faster and more reliable service would have pricier ISDN lines installed. Companies, such as Telos and APT, then developed audio codecs utilizing ISDN that allowed studios to connect with each other for real-time audio sessions, which changed the world of audio transmission forever.

Fast-forward 20 years and ISDN has seen its better days in terms of relevance in the home and workplace, as IP service and faster data rates now dominate. In short, ISDN subscription is at an all-time low and service providers are beginning to eliminate ISDN service around the country. That being said, Earshot maintains its ISDN service and will for the foreseeable future.

It has taken several years to develop an IP based audio codec, but Source Connect has already proven to be a solid ISDN alternative. Earshot has tested Source Connect in several live audio sessions and it has worked as advertised.

Additionally, Source Connect has the capability to drive and chase video for voice talent to view while recording voiceover for picture. Earshot is now utilizing this feature to record announcer and color commentary for NBC Sports Network’s Rally America Race Series. Paul Page is in the Earshot booth, while his color commentary host is situated at a studio in Minneapolis. Both are able to watch synced video and call the race simultaneously.

For more information about Source Connect or ISDN and how you can utilize either technology for your next project, please give us a call at 317-803-3727 or contact our studio manager, Mina Keohane at

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