Skyler Lawson’s short film “Anon” mixed at Earshot

Earshot Audio-Post’s Rick Such recently provided the audio mix for the short film Anon by director Skyler Lawson. Anon explores the minds of a family in discord. As one acts erratically the others are forced to face their unforeseen reality. It is a gripping account that taps into the question: ‘How fragile are we at our strongest point?’ It is a story of transition in a stream of consciousness that pins a young man against the weight of the unknown.

After submissions to various film festivals around the country, Lawson has just released Anon on Vimeo and can be viewed below.

Anon was directed by Skyler Lawson, written by Skyler Lawson and Brenton Oechsle, cinematography by Kassim Norris, Brenton Oechsle and Skyler Lawson, original score by Skyler Lawson and the actors include Ian Oechsle, Grant Schumacher, Al Schumacher and Shani Salyers Stiles.

Anon from 5AM on Vimeo.

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