Client Testimonials

Ben SealEarshot has never let me down. Ever. Considering how many years I’ve worked with them (and on how many projects), that’s a pretty big deal. They make my projects sound good. And in the process, they make me look good.

Ben Seal
The Flatland

MUSIC: Something warm and friendly, yet upbeat with hippie wind chimes mixed with shades of Middle Eastern string instruments.

SFX: Door creaks open. Arctic wind. Footsteps (of an elf) entering a room. Reindeer talking. Baby’s hand hitting the side of a plastic bathtub. Girl laughing so hard she snorts. Kid talking with his tongue frozen to a pole. Space war zone with bombs exploding and space guns firing.

VO: This is just a sample of the sounds Earshot has successfully simulated for us. And yet they still manage to smile when I walk in the door.

Dan Zumbiel
Senior Copywriter
Williams Randall Marketing

Jason RoemerFrom broadcast to web videos, we always find a way to make sure the good folks at Earshot have the chance to get their ears on our projects so they can work their magic and deliver some serious  sound design that can’t be ignored. Lodge loves its Earshot time.

Jason Roemer
Lodge Design

Simply the best in town and beyond. I had the opportunity to work with studios in Atlanta, Chicago, Indianapolis, Miami, and Sofia, Bulgaria, but virtually all of the spots I keep in my reel are sound-crafted at Earshot. Brice, Rick, and Ben always find an elegant solution to the most complicated puzzles. Nice river view. Best candy. Thank you, Tonna! Great job, guys!

Kamo Atanassov
Principal, Creative Director
Kamo Creative

There are few constants in advertising. Through all the deadlines and last-minute changes, I can always depend on my partners at Earshot Audio-Post. They translate client notes about “thumpitty-thumpitty” into great music beds, can sync up with voice talent across the country, and always make me feel confident that we’ll deliver a great product on-time.

Theresa Harris
Bradley and Montgomery

Ken HoneywellOver the last 30 years, I’ve worked with all sorts of production types–directors, shooters, editors, photographers, audio specialists, and others. This is not taking anything away from any of them; we work with lots of dedicated, talented people. But if I had to name my all-time favorite, most-reliable, never-have-to-worry-about-them production partner, it would be Earshot. I’ve worked with them week after week, month after month, for decades, and I have never been disappointed. I would recommend them over any audio production team in the country.

Ken Honeywell
Partner/Creative Director
Well Done Marketing

In this business there are so many things to worry about. It’s great to know that every time I walk into Earshot, my audio is one thing I don’t have to worry about. It’s always a blast, as well. Do yourself a favor and come see these guys and see what it means to trust your project to real pros. These guys are the best!

Jason A. Morris
Project Architect

SpeedFreaks has worked with Earshot many times over the past ten years with remote broadcasts, and each time Rick and the gang have rocked it. Earshot’s studio capabilities for our national show hook-up are as good or better than many radio stations we work with. From tech to tea, Earshot has what you need in audio production and a break room to fill you up with sweets and drinks.

Kenny Sargent
SpeedFreaks, Ltd

You guys have always make our stuff sound better, and that makes clients happy, and that makes me happy.Tonna is amazing — always a smile in her voice, despite my calls of last-minute-panic to get something scheduled.Is there anything you guys CAN’T do?  Oh yeah, levitation —  let me see you do THAT.

Ted Eckel
Bandy Carroll Hellige

Johnny GeorgeI’ve worked with Rick, Brice, and Troye for over two decades, and now Mina and Ben. This team is about the best studio group you could ever hope to work with. Professional, great directing, personable, and always offering to go that extra mile. Some of my best work has come out of their studio due to their direction and invested time. I always love it whenever I get a chance to record at Earshot.

Johnny George
Voice actor

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