Custom Music

The right piece of music can lodge your message in listeners’ minds. It underscores and enhances your message without jumping out and announcing itself.

Finding the music that’s perfect for your project is one of the more difficult aspects of finishing your masterpiece. True, there are gads of great royalty-free music libraries out there with some incredible music (in fact, we have loads of fantastic stuff on site), but sometimes finding that perfect piece can be an elusive endeavor.

Earshot can create perfect music scores, jingles, or sound design elements for your project. We’ve created custom music for television and radio commercials, films, documentaries, and web-based applications.

Call on us for custom music that fits your creative needs and your budget. We’d be happy to talk with you about the process of creating just-right music for your next project.

Take a listen to our most recent original music compositions by Earshot composer Mina Keohane that have been used in radio, television and web related projects:

McDonald’s: “Pulled Pork Pickles Premium”

Earshot Audiopost composer, Mina Keohane, was asked to produce this nifty jingle for McDonald’s by Bandy Carroll Hellige in Louisville. Earshot’s Ben Ericsen not only recorded the instrumentation, but provided the final spot mix, as well.

Other credits include:
Executive Producer: Ted Eckel, Bandy Carroll Hellige
Director: Ross Simpson, Word Industries
Project Coordinator: Clare Libbing
Video Editorial: Scofield Editorial

Doug Sauter: Banjo
Nick Tucker: Bass

Kiwanis International: “Change The World”

When Producer Karen Chakiry of Chakiry Creative needed an original music score to help complete the emotion and impact of her “Change The World” video presentation for Kiwanis International, she reached out to Earshot composer Mina Keohane. Mina’s score works beautifully with Director Will Wertz‘ visual account, delivering a subtle, beleaguered introduction that transforms into a powerful, positive finale.

Kiwanis “Change The World” Original Score from Earshot Audio-Post on Vimeo.

Indianapolis Motor Speedway: “We All Have A Story”

MSK Advertising in Indianapolis created a thirty-second television spot to promote the Indianapolis Motor Speedway’s “We All Have A Story” campaign, which reminds everyone of the special way that friends, family and racing come together at IMS. Earshot Audio-Post composer Mina Keohane created the original score for the spot that captures the emotionally driven images and supports the magical effect that the Indianapolis Motor Speedway has had on the racing world for more than a century.

Rinnai: Hybrid Tank Tankless

Earshot Audio-Post was tapped by Zionsville, Indiana based marketing and branding firm Miller Brooks to create an original score, sound design and mix for this video for Rinnai and their hybrid tank-tankless water heating product. Earshot composer Mina Keohane created the original music score, while Rick Such engineered the voiceover, sound design and final mix. Many thanks to the fine folks at Miller Brooks for getting Earshot involved and allowing us to display the final product.

Rinnai “Hybrid Tank – Tankless” from Earshot Audio-Post on Vimeo.