Production Music Libraries

We offer original music composition, but sometimes a project’s budget calls for a more efficient way of adding a soundtrack.

Earshot Audio-Post boasts an expansive collection of royalty-free music with literally any style you can think of. From Indie pop to country, film scores to polka, and anything in between—we have you covered.

Our engineers know our library inside and out. Just give us a call, describe the style of music you’re looking for, and we’ll find the tracks in our library that best fit your needs and then send you samples of the picks.

You can also search through tens of thousands of tracks from the convenience of your laptop.  Simply click the either the Killer Tracks or Warner Chappell links below to begin your search.  Keep a log of your favorite tracks and bring them to your next session at Earshot.  It’s that easy!

Killer Tracks
Warner Chappell

Here’s a sample of some great new music that you might find within our libraries: