Earshot Voice Talent Of The Week:   Kristin Lennox

Kristin's Commercial Demo

Kristin Lennox - Commercial Demo
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Q & A With Kristin:

How did you get into voiceover?  I sort of fell into it after college, after joining a local talent agency. My first VO job was actually doing a spot with Rick Such at ye olde Caboose.

What type of voiceover projects are your favorite to work on?  Video games, definitely, or any type of commercial with a quirky character type. Anything that lets me flex some acting muscles.

How would you describe your voice?  Normal? I don't think most people hear me talk and think, "wow -- you should do voiceovers!" But after 20 years, I guess I just know how to use my instrument.

What's your go-to dish at your favorite restaurant?  Hmm. We don't eat out a ton, but Chapati is a definite favorite and I always get the butter chicken. Also the spinach and mushroom étouffée at Yats.

What was your favorite concert and why?  Earth, Wind & Fire at Market Square Arena in 1981 -- the music, the laser light show, the electric energy filling the arena.

If you were being chased by Toucan Sam in a fever dream, what lawn and garden tool would you use to fend him off and why?  Is he trying to hurt me? Or just really encouraging me to have some Froot Loops? Either way, I'd probably go with a strong spray from the garden hose -- that works with cats, so why not birds?

To book Kristin for your next project, simply give us a call at 317-803-3727 or shoot an e-mail to talent@earshotaudiopost.com.

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