Earshot Voice Talent Of The Week:  Gavin Hammon

Gavin's Commercial Demo

Gavin Hammon - Commercial Demo
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Q & A With Gavin:

How did you get into voiceover?  I was always a pretty good mimic as a kid, copied accents from movies and goofed around with impressions, but I didn’t really know VO was a thing until I was almost 30. I was digging a ditch on an electrical installation job and my dad told me to turn on the radio, Sam Paris, VoiceTrax founder, was on a local talk radio show. I signed up for classes and just fell in love with it, feeling like I could do it if I got a shot.

What type of voiceover projects are your favorite to work on?  Animation, probably. Sessions are usually ensemble recordings and are incredibly fun. But, honestly, picking a favorite type of VO work is like picking a favorite ice cream!

How would you describe your voice?  Nasal, mid-range with some low end and texture. I like to think I’m versatile in the age ranges I can cover in my acting.

Tell us about a favorite travel destination and why you enjoy it so much.  Anywhere with a beach and a kitchen. I love to be close to water, with the opportunity to cook!

What was your favorite concert and why?  The first time I saw the Red Hot Chili Peppers at One Step Beyond in Palo Alto, CA. I was 13 or 14 and it was my first real, kinda scary concert.

We know you're a craft beer aficionado. What's tickling your palate these days?  

I love a good IPA any day, and these days HenHouse Brewing in Santa Rosa is probably my favorite brewery. But, there is so much good beer out there, so it’s pretty easy to find something great!

To book Gavin for your next project, simply give us a call at 317-803-3727 or shoot an e-mail to talent@earshotaudiopost.com.

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