Earshot Voice Talent Of The Week:  Heather McIntyre

Heather's Commercial Demo

Heather McIntyre - Commercial Demo
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Q & A with Heather:

How did you get into voiceover?  Totally by accident! I grew up an only child and would entertain myself mimicking David Attenborough and other people, along with accents on TV.  It came very naturally for me.  During an internship on a local TV show, they asked if anyone could do a convincing British accent, as they wanted the VO for fancy new luxury car dealership. I could not only do the accent, but I didn't sound like I was reading the copy, so the rest is history!

What type of voiceover projects are your favorite to work on?  One where I can work with a client to get the voice they've been hearing in their head for their project. When I can work with a client to tweak and hone and finally nail the sound they wanted - it's such a great feeling!

How would you describe your voice?  Versatile. I can do the smooth voice, but I can also do different characters, impressions, textbooks, totally silly, extremely serious, and I'm really good at pronouncing odd and complex medical terms.

Tell us about a favorite travel destination and why you enjoy it so much.  Pawley's Island, South Carolina. There's something very soul-healing about staring at the sea from a cozy hammock in the warm sunshine, with a gentle salty-air breeze blowing and the sound of the waves.  Honestly, it's a peace like no other.

Which Muppet best mirrors your personality and why?  Grover! I'm overly optimistic, a supportive loyal friend, and eager to help in any way I can.

If you were to design the next line of Golden Girl action figures, what would be a mandatory feature you would include?  A miniature line of Blanche Devereaux Lingerie for the mature woman. It would magically fit each doll perfectly, except Dorothy. It would be very elegant, with copious amounts of marabou to make it alluring yet not overly revealing.

To book Heather for your next project, simply give us a call at 317-803-3727 or shoot an e-mail to talent@earshotaudiopost.com.

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