Earshot Voice Talent Of The Week:  Dave Dugan

Dave's Commercial Demo

Dave Dugan - Commercial Demo
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Q & A with Dave:

How did you get into voiceover?  First official voiceover job happened when I was fresh out of college and was asked to step in for someone who wasn't available that week. (Major grocery store chain.) After that, decided to build a demo. Got my first agent and also hand-delivered the demo to several ad agencies. Had a lot of lucky breaks and things got rolling fairly quickly.

What type of voiceover projects are your favorite to work on?  Tough question as there are so many types. But okay if you are going to slam me into a corner until I name a t least 4.  Any script that tells a story ( broadcast or documentary), any project that showcases humor, dialogues are fun and come naturally. Still really like the man-on-the-street projects as well. There's your four. Now, I'm going to tell on you for being a bully.

How would you describe your voice?  This is as tough as the last question. But I don't want no more trouble so I'll list a few descriptions I've heard from directors and creatives over the years. Honest. Friendly. But also when needed, dishonest and bitchy. Heck I don't know. Fairly across the board I guess. Deadpan comes easy. Wryness seems to always feel natural. Gritty...manly...like that guy that tells you how to shave or what rake to buy or what underwear fits just so. I do some characters but have repeatedly told folks that I can not ( and will not) do a New York Cabby. The most conceited thing I'll say is that I think I can do a dead-on Walter Brennan impersonation. Which is great because there is so much call for that these days.

We know you're also a stand-up comic. A lot of stand-up comics are also voice actors. Why do you suppose these two go hand-in-hand?  Maybe because we are used to having to think on our feet? Or improvise a script that calls for improvising? Possibly because we for a comedy performance, we basically write a script of sorts and take it to the stage and have to sell it in our own way? Please stop me if I've hit on an answer you remotely like.

When you're not voicing projects, what are some fun activities you enjoy outside of work?  I'd have to say biking and drinking beer. And I wear special pants for both activities.

Why do you suppose Ivy Tech doesn't have a basketball team? I mean, it's just not fair?  Man, I WISH Ivy Tech had a basketball team! I would enroll and take some classes just so I could try out for the team. Surely, they would have a need for a 5'11" forward with a 7 inch vertical leap who panics every time he has to dribble. I would be so proud to wear the uniform of the Marching Protractors of IVY TECH!

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