Earshot Voice Talent Of The Week:  Zachary Bowman

Zachary's Commercial Demo

Zachary Bowman - Commercial Demo
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Q & A with Zachary:

How did you get into voiceover?  Fortunately, I have family in the recording industry. Getting a VO Demo made early allowed me to get real-world experience from vocal control to studio coaching.

What type of voiceover projects are your favorite to work on?  Funny enough, I love the big, deep, stadium announcer style of project. I remember thinking that the voices in movie trailers were from guys who were 10 feet tall!

How would you describe your voice?  My voice is fairly deep, but still has the inflection to invoke youthfulness, sarcasm, and edge. I don't have much pitch control, but "Announcer" & "College Grad" tend to be my categories. Simply put, I can pretend to be a big, bad man, but I'm really your friendly neighborhood smart*** at heart.

Tell us about your music, as we understand you've created several tracks in the past few years. Haha, well about that. I began to DJ in college for a little bit and then expanded upon that skillset into Music Production, specifically House Music. I have been published by Disco Future Records - but I'm just happy to express myself. You'll have to do some digging yourself to find my stage name. To anyone who wants to express themselves in music, try out Ableton DAW. That's the most powerful tool in the book (although the gang at Earshot will tell you it's ProTools).

Outside of voice work, we understand you're a coder. Give us the skinny on this skill set and how you apply it.  I currently work for Indy Web Designers, a Digital Marketing Agency, as their Director of Operations. I am a Javascript Developer, but my day-to-day focuses more on UI Design when it comes to websites for our clients. My ultimate goals involve building applications that help people in developing parts of the world.

Tacos or sushi?  Tacos dude. I mean sushi has pull but what would you rather buy from that truck on the street....tacos or sushi? You know the right answer.

To book Zachary for your next project, simply give us a call at 317-803-3727 or shoot an e-mail to talent@earshotaudiopost.com.

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